about us



Co-Owner, GM, Executive Chef

Lisa makes the mix-ins, ice cream cakes, cake cups and confections. She churns ice cream, manages our staff and oversees all operations.

Kevin Malcolm


Co-Owner, Ice Cream Chef

He has crafted every single batch of ice cream for us since 2014. He makes and churns ice cream daily.

Hello! We are Kevin and Lisa Malcolm. We opened our shop 

in October 2014.


Kevin is the brains and talent behind all of our flavors, and Lisa

has a lifelong craving for salty snacks. We combined our two

passions into one unique shop, featuring craft ice creams and

twice-fried fries. 


We are open all year, though our hours are limited.

We have a very small staff, a very old dog, and we work hours

that are healthy for us and our crew. We'd rather not make ice

cream 24 hours a day, so when flavors sell out, they sell out.

September through May is our offseason. If you ever wonder 

what our hours are / will be, they are always current and

updated on google, yelp, trip advisor and our facebook page,

as well as the foot of this website.


A note about facebook and yelp - we have listings there, but we don't post on those pages. We also don't read the reviews on those sites. We do our best to make your visit a pleasant and tasty one, and we are happy with that.

Come by and say hello!