We are Kevin and Lisa Malcolm. We opened Frite & Scoop on Astoria's riverwalk in October 2014.

Our two favorite treats were combined into one unique shop, where we make craft ice creams and twice-fried fries. Kevin makes every batch of French custard style ice cream himself. Lisa makes all the ice cream mix-ins, all the fry sauces (she's the Pickle Sauce Queen!), and runs the shop.


We are open all year, though our hours are limited. We have a very small staff, a very old dog called Alice, and we work hours that are healthy for us and for our crew. Making everything from scratch is hard work! We are open much more during the summer. If you ever wonder what our hours are, we recommend looking at the foot of this website. We are also diligent about keeping information up to date on yelp, trip advisor and our fb page (google is unreliable for last minute or emergency changes, since every change goes into a 3 day review process). We no longer offer samples, since ingredients and supply costs have skyrocketed in the past 2 years. It's just too expensive to give away our ice cream.


A note about facebook and yelp - we have listings there, but we don't post on those pages. We also don't read the reviews there. Frankly both of those places bum us out. We do our best to make your visit a pleasant and tasty one, and we are very happy with that! If you have a nice review to leave us, that's very nice, and google is the place to do so. We thank you! and we hope you enjoy your treats.


Kevin & Lisa