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We are Kevin and Lisa Malcolm. We opened Frite & Scoop on Astoria's riverwalk in October 2014.

Our two favorite treats were combined into one unique shop, where we make craft ice creams and great fries. Kevin makes every batch of French custard style ice cream. Lisa makes all the ice cream mix-ins, all the fry sauces (she's the Pickle Sauce Queen!), and manages the shop.


We are open all year, though our hours are limited. We have a small handful of employees, and we work hours that are healthy for us and for our crew. Making everything from scratch is hard work! If you ever wonder what our hours are, we recommend looking at the foot of this website. We are also diligent about keeping information up to date on google, yelp, trip advisor and our fb page.


We no longer provide samples, since ingredients and supply costs have more than tripled in the past 3 years.


It's just too expensive to give away our ice cream.


A note about facebook and yelp - we do have listings there, but we don't post anything other than hours changes on those pages. We also don't read the reviews there. Quite frankly, both of those places bum us out. We do our best to make your visit a pleasant, friendly and tasty one, we work endless hours behind the scenes to make the best craft ice cream in Oregon, and at the end of the day we know we've done our best.


If you do have a nice review to leave us, that's very kind of you, and google is the place to do such a thing.


We thank you! We hope you enjoy your treats. We made them with love.

Your Fans,

Kevin & Lisa


In January 2022 we developed our Pickle Sauce recipe as a dipping sauce for fries. It became so popular, we started selling 12 oz bottles to customers in our shop.


Pickle Sauce is packed with flavor thanks to a combination of finely chopped Claussen pickles, pickle brine, lots of fresh dill and tangy housemade mustard.


We love it on burgers, fries, chicken, tater tots, in potato salad, with

grilled cheese sandwiches, as a soft pretzel or potato chip dip.


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Bottles are always available at our shop for sale.

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